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My Black Canary Daze

Just to be clear: this was not me. I was not the Black Canary.

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Black Canary2.jpg

This declaration despite the claims of Wikipedia that insists otherwise--"Legends of the Superheroes starred Adam West and Burt Ward, reprising their roles as Batman and Robin from the live-action Batman TV series. The show also had a large ensemble cast of other DC Comics superheroes that included Garrett Craig as Captain Marvel, Howard Murphy as the Green Lantern, Rod Haase as The Flash, Bill Nuckols as Hawkman, Barbara Joyce as The Huntress, Alfie Wise as The Atom and Danuta (Danuta Rylko Soderman) as the Black Canary."

But I must admit I was intrigued to think that someone actually thought I COULD be linked to a Super Hero. Her abilities included hand-to-hand combat, "Canary Cry" (an ultrasonic scream), athleticism, martial arts, and motorcycling. Wikipedia lists the character as the 71st-greatest comic-book character of all time. She was number 26 on Comics Buyer's Guide's "100 Sexiest Women in Comics" list. Hmmm. I didn't know there were 71 Super Heroes.

My memoir, Chiseled, is a story about seeking identity, the struggles with duplicity and the happiness of divine wine, but nowhere do I suggest the Canary Cry, although there were times when an ultrasonic scream would have been appropriate. But I did own boots like that once.

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