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The Audible Version, Finally!

It has been an exciting journey reading my own work. As a matter of fact, more like an out-of-the-body experience reading my own words out loud and reliving those experiences as the writer, the narrator and the editor. This new version of Chiseled has taken twice the time to produce and 4 times the expected expense--much like writing a book! One just doesn't have a clue as to how long the project will take, you just have to walk through it.

My production engineer was Don Ross with Don Ross Studios in Eugene. A pure professional and I thank him for keeping a close eye on details and helping me read through lines that at times were emotionally difficult.

There is some kind of magic in listening to an author read her own life--I do hope you enjoy it as much as I loved doing this labor of love. You can access the book by going to Audible, become a member and get $10 off the purchase price. A great deal. And do tell me what you think. A review would be great!

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