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Feeling Stuck? 10 Ways to Re-Invent and Chisel Your Life (continued)

We learned in the last blog five ways to take control of who you want to be. The best part? You can change your identity as often as you like! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE STUCK. If you don't like the life you're living, change it. If you don't like your body--fix it. Coninued from our last blog, here are 5 more ways to Chisel your life:

6.) Don't get rattled by emotions. Fear, anxiety, lust, grief, uncertainty, hatred, loneliness, whatever has you in its grip, remember that those emotions come from a bunch of neurons and hormones in your body. Do not give your emotions permission to rule your life. Push them aside and clear your head for change with a cool, calm attitude. Breathing, meditation and physical exercise helps!

7.) Have a goal. You may not know how to get there yet, but have a general picture of what it is you want in your life. Do you want to lose wieght? Do you want to move to some place warm? Do you want a new job? Notice, I didn't say, "Do you want to move to Hawaii," or, "Do you want to lose 50 pounds." Keep your goal in general terms--in front of you. Pin a picture of your goal on your morning mirror or your refrigerator. Make it real--in your head. The details will come to you unexpectedly. (We'll discuss how that happens in a subsequent blog,)

8.) Don't make detailed plans. Plans get messy. If you plan too much, you may fill your map with paths that may not be the most direct way to your goal. Keep your heart and mind open to opportunity. Spontaneity will bring you to your dream without effort. It takes a little faith, but those opportunities arise almost magically when you can picture your goal.

9.) Say your goal out loud. Sounds a bit hairy-fairy, but there is something about verbalizing what you want. You create energy with words. Words have vibration and make connections. Words build the goal from the world of your head to the pragamatic world of actuality. Think of them as the foundations building your goal.

10.) Get moving! Don't just wait--but put your life in motion. It is difficult to drive a dream without an engine. Take a trip. Join a gym. Have that garage sale. Move to another city. Get a new job. Take golf lessons. Take a class at your community college. Learn a new language. But begin changing little things and be ready to jump when opportunity appears. And it will!

In my next blog--we are going to examine a few of these ideas in depth. Stay tuned!

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