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A Matter of Perspective: "damaged goods" or "chiseled?"

Some people have a rough time with life, in fact, most of us have encountered our fair share of hardship. The challenges we face are bundled up in an extraordinary experience called human life. We feel, we see, we hurt, we cry, we laugh, we rejooice--all part of that experience. Those moments carve out for us that ineffable quality called character.

Inherent in character are values we cherish as human beings: sympathy, empathy, compassion, mercy, and forgiveness, among others. Without suffering, we cannot possibly understand another person's pain, or aid in their healing process or comfort those in need. Suffering is a component of compassion and without it, we would be cold fish indeed! I would find it hard to trust someone who has not known pain or overcome challenges in life. Theirs is a life yet to be lived with little to share with one who has been battered under the cat's paw of experience.

Some call themselves "damaged goods,"-- a heartbreaking identity. I prefer another perspective. You are chiseled. You are well formed by the mighty hand of fate to render kindness and aid to those now going through their own fire. Wear that badge with pride, for you are the best kind of friend.

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