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About Regrets

I am often asked if I have any regrets in my life. I'd be a fool if I said no. We all have decisions and choices in life that, if given another go-round, we may have changed. Analyzing the past with the widsom of the present is a healthy exercise in determing how far we've come from the days of youthful naivety. Such hind-sight is useful in the art of growing and recognizing how we have chiseled out our character.

But there is another kind of regret that gnaws deeper. It is the unhealthy kind of regret that has no boundaries, no filters, no recourse, and no end. It is merciless. If left unbridled and unexamined, it pummels us in a locked room with a burden of guilt that has no chance for escape or redemption. Such regret can buckle us to our knees forcing every waking moment into a victimized, angry and depressed existence. In some cases, the only relief is found in drugs, alcohol, or other self-destructive behaviors that have a debilitating effect on us and the ones we love.

I do not give leave for such regret. I will not allow my heart to be plundered with no chance for atonement. The decisions we make forge the paths we take and bring us to now, our lives, our loves, our very being. I am chiseled from the rock of regrets, loves lost and found and rediscovered. I embrace it all!

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