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Marriage Equality with Kicking and Screaming

The Supreme Court's decision to legalize the union of two committed people is a law whose time has come--for some, it is way past time. With a supermajority of 63%, Americans support the freedom to marry as a constitutional right for gay couples. But, as with any change, there are always those who go kicking and screaming over the threshold of doing the right thing.

Enter the conservative Christian church-- one preacher so insensed he is vowing to set himself on fire in protest, while others decry our corrupt values to be heralding the end of the days. A former evangelical employer of mine claims same-sex couples "have tried to destroy marriage." (My marriage appears intact and I've checked around and so far none of my staright married friends have reported gay destruction.) And then there's the violation of scripture. If we choose the route of the Bible according to Leviticus, we have to put homosexuals to death. We've been there. Done that. Which is more abominable, the love two people have for each other or killing them for it? I think most sane people in America today, even conservative Christians, would admit that they ignore most of the Bible's admonishments than they uphold--but that's another blog.

Back to the question that some of my Christian friends still seem to find difficult to resolve: Is homosexuality moral? The question makes as much sense to me as asking if heterosxuality is moral. One's sexuality has nothing to do with morality any more than the color of one's eyes.

It is time to move on--recognizing the gnashing of the teeth of those who go unwillingly, but move on we will.

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